Current Students

Hey Pioneer! This information is to help keep you informed about reapplying for financial aid, continuing to receive your aid, policies you need to be aware of, opportunities for you to explore, and resources at your disposal. We are committed to helping you achieve your educational dreams, so just let us know how we can help!

Students need to re-apply for financial aid every year, the new year aid applications are available starting December 31, 2023.

Steps to re-apply for aid:

  1. Using your FSA ID and password, log into the website or complete a new before May 2.
  2. Monitor your To-Do List on your MyCSUEB portal, submit any requested documentation as soon as possible.
  3. Award letters for the upcoming year will be emailed in April. You will also be able to view your awards through your MyCSUEB portal.
  4. Review your award information and accept/decline your awards through your MyCSUEB portal.
  5. Sign up for Direct Deposit
  1. I did a FAFSA last year, do I need to submit a new application?
    1. Yes, the financial aid applications are for one year only.  You will need to submit a new FAFSA or Dream Application each year to continue to receive financial aid. 
  2. When will I receive my award letter for the upcoming year?
    1. Award letters for continuing students are sent out in April.  ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV early to avoid delays in receiving your financial aid award.  Remember, if you have outstanding financial aid documents on your MyCSUEB To-Do List your financial aid will not be processed.
  3. My parents took out a Direct PLUS Loan last year, do they need to re-apply for the loan if they want it again?
    1. If your parents applied for and received a Direct PLUS Loan in the previous academic year, they will need to submit a new PLUS Loan application.  The new Direct PLUS Loan application will be available June 1, 2024.
  4. If I decline my loans at the start of the year, can I have them reinstated later?
    1. Yes, to have your loans reinstated you will need to notify the financial aid office in writing.  Loans can be reinstated as long as you are still enrolled in 6 or more credits. 
  5. When will my financial aid disburse to my student account?
    1. Financial aid will disburse during the first week of classes each semester.  Changes in the number of credits you are enrolled in may result in a delay in your financial aid disbursement.  Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to avoid delays in the processing of their financial aid award.