Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of financial aid largely provided by federal funding. A student must apply for financial aid each year to become eligible for the award, or to keep working in their current Work Study job. Eligible FWS students earn money by working a limited number of hours per week at a pre-approved FWS site location. Employment may be found on or off campus with employers that have arranged in advance to offer FWS positions to CSUEB students.  Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 units or more) and actively attending in said classes to retain eligibility for their FWS job.

To obtain a Federal Work Study Job,  Follow These Steps: 

  1. File your to determine your eligibility to get an FWS award.
  2. CHECK your Financial Aid award online () to see if you have FWS funds (not all students are eligible).
  3. Print a copy of your Financial Aid Award that includes your FWS offer to provide to your hiring managers 
  4. Look for an open position either through Handshake or by reaching out to departments and inquiring about jobs that are looking to hire students with Federal Work Study funds
  5. Once you secure a position, you or your hiring manager must notify the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships via email at finaid@csueastbay.edu.
  6. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and at least half-time enrollment (6 units for undergraduate or 4 units for graduate level).

Please Note: You will not be able to accept the FWS on your Award Offer. The FWS Coordinator will update it to "accepted" once your hiring documentation is processed.                                                                                                

How Do I Find a FWS Job?

Search and apply for FWS positions online at Handshake student portal on AACE's homepage.

Interested in tutoring grade school children to read? Tutors are always in high demand. Send email to finaid@csueastbay.edu from your Horizon email, provide your netID (to identify yourself), and your subject title should be: "FWS Tutor Job Interested." The experience and personal fulfillment are invaluable!

How Do I Get Paid?

All students are required to check-in with CSUEB's Payroll Office located on the 2nd floor of the Students Services Administration building.

Bring with you your:

  • State issued ID and your social security card, OR
  • Original US Passport, or original US Birth Certificate or original Permanent Residency Card

Please consider setting up Direct Deposit with Payroll - not required but encouraged to avoid delays with your monthly payments.

Submitting work hours online:

  • On-campus positions: To submit your hours daily online, read and follow the business process guide for instructions for all on-campus positions.
  • Off-campus positions (community service-based jobs): Students working off-campus are required to submit hours both online and a physical timesheet (signed by you and your supervisor). Download the Community Service time sheet.

Note: Late timecards or hours reported late will be paid in following pay cycle.

Avoiding Financial Aid Pitfalls

This section addresses changes to your Financial Aid award (including FWS funds) and how to avoid needing to pay back money.

Every student has a budget uniquely to them:

  • Student living off-campus 
  • Student living on-campus 
  • Student living with parents 

Your total aid may not exceed your budget. If you accept outside sources of aid (e.g. scholarships, grants, and/or Parent PLUS loan), this may reduce your FWS eligibility.


Johnny lives on campus with a $23,000 budget. Below are his amounts and sources of aid.
Amount Source
$5,775 Pell Grant
$5,472 Cal Grant (CG) B
$1,656 Cal Grant B Access
$2,400 Federal Work Study (FWS)
$5,500 Subsidized Loan
$2,197 Unsubsidized Loan
$23,000 TOTAL AID

If Johnny were to receive an outside scholarship of $1,000, his Federal Work Study would be reduced to $1,400. Johnny would be required by law to repay the $1,000 back to the university in order for his outside scholarship to be accommodated. His other option is to request to reduce his loans early in the year (i.e. fall or winter) to avoid having to repay any funds.


Jenny lives with her parents  with a $15,000 budget. Below are her amounts and sources of aid.
Amount Source
$1,200 Pell Grant
$5,472 Cal Grant (CG) A
$2,400 Federal Work Study (FWS)
$5,000 Subsidized Loan
$428 Unsubsidized Loan
$15,000 TOTAL AID

Jenny wants to increase her Federal Work Study (FWS) funds because she wants to work as much as possible. If Jenny emailed (from her Horizon account and provided her netID) to decline her undisbursed loans - she may increase her FWS funds equal to the undisbursed loan amount, or less.

Requirements for Securing and Maintaining an FWS Job:

  1. Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), to understand the requirements, please read the SAP policy.
  2. Must maintain half-time enrollment status (6 units or more) while employed in FWS program.
  3. Filed the current FAFSA to determine if you have any “need” (according to the Department of Education's definition of “need”).

For Employers

  • Federal Work Study Employer Guide (new version will be posted Fall 2024)
  • Click Here for information regarding Job Postings
  • Questions? Direct them (510) 885-2784, or finaid@csueastbay.edu