Special Programs

Students participating in special programs at Cal State ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV are subject to different rules for their financial aid.


Students admitted to other campuses and attending Cal State ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV classes are not eligible to receive financial aid from Cal State ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV. Visiting students should apply for aid through their home campuses. Cal State ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV will help visiting students coordinate financial aid disbursements and enrollment verifications. For more information on Visitor status, see the .

Students attending two or more schools at the same time MAY NOT receive financial aid from more than one of their schools. You must notify the Office of Financial Aid when you enroll at another institution.

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships participates in Cross Registration Agreements that are approved by the Office of the Registrar.   You must submit an approved Cross Registration Form from the Office of the Registrar as well as an approved enrollment form from your host campus to be considered for aid. 

Please click here to contact the Office of the Registrar. 

The Pre-Professional Health Academic Certificate Program (PHAP) is not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

We recommend one of the following options to assist with the cost of attendance:

- ┬ÚÂ╣├█╠ĎAV for loans through Private Lending agencies, click on this link to get started
- Contact Student Financial Services Department for Payment Plan options
- Scholarship opportunities may be available, please visit